Supply Chain Management MBA Notes (Introduction)

Supply Chain Management 

Supply Chain Management Notes MBA,BBA

Introduction of SCM Notes : Basic Concept & Philosophy of Supply Chain Management; Essential features, Various flows (cash, value and information), Key Issues in SCM, benefits and case examples. The Architecture of Physical distribution network in a Global Operation Approach,

MBA BBA Notes of supply chain management

International Distribution Management Notes: Types of Intermediaries, Channel Objectives and Constraints, Channel Selection and Management, Global Retailing, International Channel Innovation. 

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Logistics & SCM Notes MBA notes bba notes pdf

Logistics Management Notes : Logistics as part of SCM, Logistics costs, different models, logistics sub-system, inbound and outbound logistics, bullwhip effect in logistics, Distribution and warehousing management.

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logistics & Supply chain management mba bba notes

Purchasing & Vendor Management: Centralized and Decentralized purchasing, functions of purchase department and purchase policies.Use of mathematical model for vendor rating evaluation, single vendor concept, management of stores, accounting for materials

Inventory Management mba notes pdf

Inventory Management: Concept, various costs associated with inventory,. Theory of constraints and Synchronous Manufacturing; Lean Management and Just in Time Production; Supply Chain Management; Inventory Planning and Control.

EOQ Models,Supply chain mangEOQ Models,Supply chain mangement notesement notes

Tools in Inventory Management: Various EOQ models, buffer stock (tradeoff between stock out/working capital cost), lead time reduction, re-order point / re-order level fixation, exercises –numerical problem solving , ABC, SDE / VED Analysis, Just-In-Time & Kanban System of Inventory management.
Recent Issues in SCM : Role of Computer / IT in Supply Chain Management, CRM Vs SCM, Benchmarking concept, Features and Implementation, Outsourcing-basic concept, Value Addition in SCM-concept of demand chain management

Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Global Logistics
Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Global Logistics: Operations and Logistics Control: Key Activities Performance Information, Measuring Performance in Functional Integration, Measuring Performance in Sectoral Integration

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