MBA Managerial Economics Notes ( Introduction )

Managerial Economics Notes 

MBA  BBA Economics Notes

Introduction to Managerial Economics: Nature, Scope and Importance of Managerial Economics. Relationship of Managerial Economics with Decision Making. Distinction between Micro and Macroeconomics

Business Economics  BBA,MBA Notes

Demand Concepts and Analysis: Individual Demand, Market Demand, Kinds of Demand, Determinants of Demand, Demand Functions, Functions, Demand Schedule and Law of Demand.

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Elasticity of Demand MBA Notes

Elasticity of Demand: Concept, Types, Measurement and importance

Demand forecasting notes Business Economics

Demand Forecasting Notes : Demand Forecasting: Sources of Data-Expert Opinions, Surveys and Market Experiments; Time Series Analysis-Trend Projection; Barometric Forecasting-Leading Indicators, Composite and diffusion Indices.

Theory of production MBA Notes

Production Function: Concept and types, Returns to Factor and Returns to Scale, Law of Variable Proportions.
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Cost concepts and Analysis

Cost concepts and Analysis: Concept of Cost, Short run and Long-run Cost Curves, Relationships among various costs, Break-even Analysis.
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Revenue Curves
Revenue Curves: Concept and Types.

Pricing in various markets: Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic, Competition Oligopoly.
Pricing in various markets: Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic, Competition Oligopoly.

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National Income Concept Notes

National Income: Conceptual Framework, Measures of National Income, Methods of Measurement, Limitations of National Income.

Inflation Notes pdf

Inflation: Meaning, Types, Theories, Causes, Effects and Control.
Balance of Payments Monetary and Fiscal Policies, Investment Multiplier, Credit Multiplier.

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