Messi Vs Neymar Who is best ?

 Messi Vs Neymar Jr.


Messi vs Neymar who is best?

Lionel Messi and Neymar are both extremely talented soccer players, and it is difficult to say who is "best" as it is subjective and depends on personal opinions. Both players have had successful careers, and have achieved numerous accolades and records. Ultimately, the debate on who is the better player is likely to continue among fans and experts

Messi vs Neymar stats

Lionel Messi:

  • Matches played: 845
  • Goals scored: 713
  • Assists: 259
  • Trophies won: 34
  • Ballon d'Or awards: 7


  • Matches played: 548
  • Goals scored: 366
  • Assists: 174
  • Trophies won: 26
  • Ballon d'Or awards: 0

Please note that these stats are as of 2021 and might have changed since

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