Business Environment MBA/BBA Notes


Objective: The objective of the subject is to provide the insight to the students about the changes that are taking place in the Business Environment, the effect of these changes on business and the demand placed on managers regarding national and global business environment.


Business Environment MBA/BBA Notes


Environmental Scanning: Different Aspects of Business Environment. Salient features of Economic Systems: Capitalist system/Market economy; Socialist system and Mixed Economy, Basic Features of Indian Economy, Government Business Relationship. Micro and Macro Environment


Business Environment Meaning, Definition,Types, Features,Components


Economic Policy: Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India, India’s Trade Policy, And Aspects of Economic Reforms: Liberalization; Privatization; Globalization and its Implications for India. EXIM Policy; FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act)


Fiscal Policy & Monetary Policy in Indian economy


Social Responsibility of Business: Concept, rationale, dimensions models of social responsibility and barriers of social responsibility, Ethics and social responsibility of management. The Environment Protection Act, 1986

 The Environment Protection Act, 1986 Pdf File


International Economic Environment: Emergence of Globalization, Control of Foreign Direct Investment, Benefits and Problems from MNCs, WTO-its role and functions, implications for India; Devaluation of Rupee.

Globlization & FDI Notes Pdf File

Devaluation of Rupee notes pdf

Suggested Readings:

1. Saleem, Shaikh (2010). Business Environment, 2nd edition, Pearson Education.

2. S.K.Misra&Puri: Indian Economy (Its Development Experience), Himalaya Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.

3. Misra&Puri: Economic Environment of Business, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd

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