Computer Awareness important MCQ,s ( HP JOA IT -965 )


Computer Awareness MCQ,s Internet Usage browsers  Very Important Questions

Hp JOA IT 965 Computer MCQ,s

1. Documents in Microsoft OneDrive be edited using ?

(a) online version of Microsoft office tools using browser

(b) installed version of Microsoft office tools

(c) both a & b

(d) none of them

2. Which document view is given an appearance as in a web browser? 

A Draft view 

B Outline view 

C Web layout view 

D Full screen reading 

3. What is the full form of BOM? 

A Browser Object Method 

B Browser Object Model 

C Browser Oriented Method 

D Browser Oriented Model 

4. What is the purpose of the Alt + W key in Tally? 

A Change the financial period 

B Invoke Tally Reference Manual 

C Open default web browser 

D Exist Tally without confirmation 

5. What‘s a web browser ?

a) A kind of spider

b) A computer that store www files

c) A person who likes to look at websites

d) A software program that allows you to access sites on the world wide web

6. A _____ is a document commonly written and is accessible through the internet or other 

network using a browser?

a) Accounts

b) Data

c) Web page

d) Search engine

7. Which of the following is used to read HTML code and to render Webpage?

a) Web Server

b) Web Browser

c) Web Matrix

d) Web Heetson

8. First Web Browser was created in _______.

a) 1991 

b) 1992 

c) 1993 

d) 1990

9. First web browser was created by _______.

a) Tim Berners lee

b) Mozilla Foundation

c) Marc Andreessen

d) Jacobs 

10. A free open source software version of Netscape was developed called ______.

a) Opera Mini

b) IE

c) Google Chrome

d) Mozilla

11. Internal name for the old Netscape browser was _____.

a) Mozilla

b) Google Chrome

c) Opera Mini

d) IE

12. Which of the following is considered the latest browser?

a) Mosaic

b) Google Chrome

c) IE

d) Mozilla Firefox

13. The first widely used web browser was ______.

a) Mozilla

b) WorldWideWeb

c) NCSA Mosaic

d) Heetson

14. Name the first popular web browser is 

a) IBM browser

b) Google chrome

c) Mozilla Firefox


15. Which of the following was the first web browser to handle all HTML 3 features?

a) Cello 

b) Erwise

c) Udi WWW 

d) Mosaic

16. Which of these rendering engines is used by Chrome web browser?

a) Gecko 

b) Blink

c) Quantum 

d) Heetson

17. Which of the following is the oldest web browser still in general use?

a) Lynx

b) Safari

c) Internet Explorer

d) Navigator

18. When was Chrome web browser launched ?

a) 2002

b) 2003

c) 2004

d) 2008

19. Which of these tech companies owns the Firefox web browser?

a) Lenovo

b) IBM

c) Apple

d) Mozilla

20. Which of the following browsers were/are available for the Macintosh?

a) Opera

b) Safari

c) Netscape

d) All of these

21. What is the name of the browser developed and released by Google?

a) Chrome

b) Google Google

c) Heetson

d) Titanium

22. Which of the following are alternative names for mobile browsers?

a) microbrowser

b) wireless internet browser

c) minibrowser

d) All of these

23. Which of the following is an Indian Web Browser ?

a) Google Chrome

b) Safari

c) Epic

d) IE

24. Which one is responsible for running javascript code? 

A Browser 

B Notepad++ 

C Sublime Text 

D Visual studio code 

25. Software which allows users to view the webpage is called as ______.

a) Internet Browser

b) Operating System

c) Website 

d) Interpreter

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